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VoiceCandy - Meet people you like the sound of.

VoiceCandy App

I am CoFounder (Product/UX) at this unique mobile dating app startup. We have iterated through multiple MVP and testing cycles and are currently pivoting based on in-depth data analysis and user feedback.

Homepage of enthuse.me - a personal marketing app


I was Head of Product & UX at this personal marketing app startup. In my 1st year I grew the user base from 20 to over 16,000, and we gained press coverage on over 150 sites including TechCrunch, Lifehacker, & The Wall Street Journal.

GroupSpaces 2.0 - Re-launch of a group management web app and new premium features and pricing structure

GroupSpaces 2.0

I product managed the redesign and simplification of GroupSpaces' feature set to launch "2.0", and the re-launch of a new set of premium features with a new pricing model.
GroupSpaces is now profitable.


And a few things I did on my own

TASTE cocktails - Monthly DIY cocktail kit subscription

TASTE cocktails

A monthly cocktail kit subscription. Delivering premium ingredients, equipment and recipes straight to your door. Currently looking for investment and partnerships.

Oxford Student Guide and the Oxone Card - Online student portal and offline discount card product

Oxford Student Guide & The Oxone Card

I founded and ran this portal website for student life in Oxford, UK alongside a student discount card product which was given to 22,000 students for free. The company was profitable 3 months after launch. (now offline)

Silicon Throwabout - Weekly Startup Ultimate frisbee game

Silicon Throwabout

A weekly Ultimate (frisbee) pickup game for Silicon Roundabout startup people and friends.
Runs approximately May-September and is now 4 years old!

Case studies

Case study of the change to semantic sections on enthuse.me

Product: enthuse.me semantic sections

enthuse.me aims to help you showcase your expertise. The product when I joined was focused on selecting social networks and embedding your content from those on your profile. The profile now offers semantic sections such as 'Current Projects', 'Press & Mentions' and 'Blog Posts' instead. User feedback on their first session is now far more likely to show understanding of the product's aims and purpose.

Case study of simpfilying the enthuse.me set up process

UX: Simplification of enthuse.me set-up process

Usability tests showed 100% of users failed to see the 'Add section' menu on their first view of their profile. Mixpanel data showed only 48% of all new users added any sections to their profile. I removed the default profile sections, added a signpost indicating a user should click the menu button, and as a result, 69% of new users in the 2 weeks following the change added sections.

Case study of feature tour and marketing pages for GroupSpaces.com

Marketing: GroupSpaces Tour and Landing Pages

I designed the layout and wrote all content for the GroupSpaces.com tour and marketing pages. Individual pages were used for Google Adwords landing pages, so there was a strong emphasis on using certain keywords and covering a range of target verticals.

The full set of pages can be seen at http://groupspaces.com/tour/

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