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I create startups, or help them grow and solve problems

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I drink gin for a living, but otherwise I do this:

CEO of 2 businesses, Head of Product for 3, & Consultant for many

Lean Startup
Strategy & Business Development

Product Management & User Experience Design

Investment, Marketing,
PR, & Social Media

Awesome work for great companies

Homepage of enthuse.me - a personal marketing app


I was Head of Product & UX at this personal marketing app startup. In my 1st year I grew the user base from 20 to over 16,000, and we gained press coverage on over 150 sites including TechCrunch, Lifehacker, & The Wall Street Journal.

GroupSpaces 2.0 - Re-launch of a group management web app and new premium features and pricing structure

GroupSpaces 2.0

I product managed the redesign and simplification of GroupSpaces' feature set to launch "2.0", designing the UX, marketing landing pages, product tour, and a new set of premium features with a new pricing model.
GroupSpaces is now profitable.

I did some things

Pivoting TASTE cocktails towards a more successful subscription product

Product: Pivot of TASTEcocktails

TASTE cocktails' monthly cocktail kit subscription struggled to grow to profitable levels, but sold well as seasonal gifts. I took the decision to end the subscription, move to a standard ecommerce model, and launch a new subscription in a growing part of the market - ILoveGin.com - which attracted more subscribers in its launch month than the peak number for TASTE cocktails over 2 years.

Examples of PR achieved by companies I have worked with

Marketing & PR

Companies I have managed marketing and PR for have been featured in most major publications both on and offline, including: Techcrunch, Mashable, Metro, The Wall Street Journal, GQ, Esquire, Stuff Magazine, The Evening Standard, The Times, Stylist, Shortlist, Glamour, Good Housekeeping, Marie Clare, Grazia, and many blogs, industry publications, and TV & radio mentions.

Case study of simpfilying the enthuse.me set up process

UX: Simplification of enthuse.me set-up process

Usability tests showed 100% of users failed to see the 'Add section' menu on their 1st view of their profile. Mixpanel data showed only 48% of new users added any sections to their profile. I removed the default profile sections, added a signpost indicating a user should click the menu button, and as a result, 69% of users in the 2 weeks following the change added sections.

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